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07-25-2012, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Greenstickytoes View Post
OMG FOR the last time his PP TIME doesnt defend your point!!!!!!!!!! what dont you get in that!?
Nash has less goals on PP then ryan does!!!
Ryans Teamates are wayyyyyyyy better then Nash's teamates.
you have to be ignorant if you think the opposite
You said Bobby Ryan has never scored 38 goals before. I said put him on the 1st PP unit and he has an extremely good shot at it. What can't you understand? Do you want me to youtube it so you can hear it because you obviously aren't reading it. What does the fact that Rick Nash not being able to produce on the PP have anything to do with Ryan trying to score 38 goals. Lol

And for the love of god what does having scored 38 goals have to do with being more valuable? I'm done with you. Have a blessed day.

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