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Originally Posted by Malarowski View Post
Another noobie reporting in. I was playing roller hockey in the street as a kid and teen, but haven't done much other than the occasional skate in the last 6-7 years. Always wanted to play hockey though so I went and bought a full kit and went to an open skate (went way better than expected). I am not quite sure where to go from here, but my plan is to work out in the gym a bit more and pick up open skates as often as possible. I wish I could get play/stick time in, but I am not sure when and where. I am thinking of just going to an Open Hockey night, but seeing that I can't snowplow stop (that's planned for this weekend) and don't have any experience in any gear on ice I am not sure if I won't ruin it for everybody else. After a vacation in August I hope to get into some courses/clinics though to get up to speed and see from there to find a league.
Go to as many drop in hockey games as you can. It's never serious and everyone is there to goof around.

Once you feel comfortable enough that you think that playign actual games will be fun, sign up for a rec league. My experience dictates that in game playing helps improve you as an overall player far more than just going to open skates or drop in games.

Just get exposed as you possibly can and always remember to have as much fun as possible.

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