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Originally Posted by gaboneill View Post
Ok I'll try to summarize ...

Hockey started for me with NHL99 on PS one. Thanks to a friend, I played this game for a month in 2000. He sucked (and still) at Mighty Ducks at that time, so I played with them 'cause I knew nothing about hockey and mostly NHL at that time.

After that, I started being a huge fan of the TV Show Stargate SG1 and an admirator of Richard Dean Anderson who's from the TC. He was a great hockey player when he was young and he came that close of being a pro. But two arms injuries broke his career. Anyway ...

When I knew that, I decided to follow the NHL and I started to inquire if there were an NHL team in Minnesota, because RDA was from there. That's how I came to the Wild. Luckily, at that time, the Wild was at the start of their 2003 run. So I decided to stick with them.

I follow Wild during 7 years with the NHL highlights. And in 2010 I decided to register an account on ESPN Player. Since then, I follow 2 entire Wild season.
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