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Originally Posted by Hustlechuck24 View Post
Weber, Trotz, Poile all mention Doan as a target. Now that is interesting. Trotz says they want another top 4 d man (poile says patience) Weber says he would like to see more pieces added.

I think a top 4 d man is a must. Hopefully happens. I truly believe Philly was Weber's first choice, but staying in Nashville wasn't a problem to him. Not his first choice but a decent option. I do think he is going to have BIG questions to answer regarding his agents.
I haven't listened to the conference call yet but was following it on Twitter, and it sounded like Weber's response about his agents was pretty unsatisfying: basically that what they said must just be how they feel because he had nothing to do with it.

Really bro? Those dudes are your EMPLOYEES. Their job is to represent you, and you pay them...a do it. You can't let them run amok on the radio making you look bad then just shrug and be like "I wasn't involved in that". That's some ****ing weak sauce right there.

Obviously what his agents said on the radio reflects how Shea really feels, because if it didn't he would've gotten pissed and fired them by now. And let me be clear, it did hurt to hear those comments from his agents, but I'm not MAD about Shea's feelings themselves. I'm mad that his agents thought it was appropriate to air them on the radio as a means to pressure us not to match, and I'm mad that Shea apparently thinks that's acceptable behavior as well since he hasn't fired them or even spoken out strongly against them.

Honestly I'm more mad at his agents than anyone else in this whole scenario. They are total d-bags. I wish I knew how to contact them personally to tell them so.

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