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07-25-2012, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by snarktacular View Post
I can actually understand Philly fans not wanting to part with either of them for Ryan. Last year Schenn was seen by some as the best prospect not in the NHL. And Couturier had spent large portions of his pre-draft time as the presumptive #1. So there's a lot of potential upside.

But there's this strange selective hearing going on. They quote Philly sources stating that Holmgren is not willing to part with Schenn or Couturier. OTH, there's also Philly sources (not sure if same or other) saying that Murray is insisting on one of those two. As well as multiple sources from around the country regarding other teams that the centerpiece for Ryan is always a young center.

So how can they conclude that Murray will accept packages around defensemen, wingers, and picks? If you take some Philly sources as gospel that those two are non-starters, why don't you also take as gospel that a Ryan trade will require a center?
Because they still want their shiny new toy. Accepting that they can't get it without giving up one of Schenn or Couturier means they don't get that toy at all.

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