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07-25-2012, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by SgtJoseph View Post
Takes a TON of luck to win a cup ......Philly could get Weber, then 1 week into the season he could go down with a serious injury etc....The overall # 1 defender concept too me is a bit over rated. Certainly its great having a strong pairing logging the most minutes etc, But i though Grossman and Coby looked pretty solid before injuries etc...Nashville had Weber and Suter and got knocked out of the playoffs ?
But see try to find the last time a team won the cup and didnt have a #1 guy who is considered very good, logs tons of minutes and plays in all assets? The only one I could find the last 10 years is the Hurricanes who didnt have a #1. 9 other wins featured a team with a true #1 defender.

The reason why Coburn, Grossmann, Meszaros etc etc are not considered number 1 defenders is that they are too inconsistent. And honestly, you can tell the difference between the #1 guys and #2-4 guys.

Originally Posted by KaraLupin View Post
Realistically, who was the #1 for LA? Doughty or Mitchell?????
Mitchell was really good. I would still consider Doughty a #1 though.

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