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07-25-2012, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Bobby Ryan Getzlaf View Post
I think there's a few reasons Ducks fans mock that package. For one, it doesn't include the one thing the Ducks want back, despite Philly having two guys who are exactly that. It's understandable for Ducks fans to mock such a package. This isn't a team like the Leafs, who don't have the center depth to make a perfect offer, where it's understandable that they're just making the best offer they can(well, some of the time, anyway). But with Philly, I think it just floors Ducks fans that they have not one, but two pieces the Ducks would certainly covet, yet there's zero attempt to even try and include them in any proposals. It would be like, if the Flyers desperately needed a top line winger(not saying they do, this is hypothetical), and wanted to trade a package headlined by Schenn for one, and Ducks fans offered Peter Holland, Toni Lydman and a first for just Schenn.
I understand your frustration, but honestly, regardless of how anyone else feels about the situation, Holmgren is not trading either Couturier or BSchenn; Couturier because he's...excuse my French...****ing Couturier for god's sake (and no people here are not overrating his potential) and BSchenn is now trapped here after the Flyers traded the former would-be franchise savior, James vanRiemsdyk, for his brother Luke.

While it would be feasible to trade BSchenn in a package for Ryan before JVR was shipped off for his brother, that is now pretty much an impossibility.

It's pointless to blame the Flyers fans offering the package that doesn't fit your needs despite its value when, for all intents and purposes, Couturier and BSchenn are non-existent entities to you.

So, no, we really don't have the assets you need. They might as well not exist. What you're left with is the cars we have on the lot. Though they're good cars, you may need a pickup truck. That's fine and understandable.

Originally Posted by Bobby Ryan Getzlaf View Post
Second is the inclusion of Meszaros, despite the Ducks having no room for him, no need for a defenseman of his type even if they did, and would definitely have issue paying him that much for the next couple years. If Meszaros was on waivers, I highly doubt the Ducks would put a claim in for him. He's just a terrible fit all around. His inclusion in any proposal is even more baffling than leaving out one of the pieces the Ducks actually want. We know why he's always included, but that doesn't mean the Ducks have to like it.
That's more than fine. Most of that was Flyers fans expecting Weber to be here in which case Meszaros was not really necessary for a 6th defenseman. Right now though, he's very necessary so I have far less interest in moving him.

He also emphasized the Flyers' fans willingness to overpay to get Ryan. Let's be serious for a second; Voracek + Meszaros + 1st/Laughton is a pretty spectacular overpayment to the tune of a Meszaros.

Voracek + 1st/Laughton + C level asset is more realistic.

A level + B level + C level

Unfortunately though we're back to the part where it doesn't fill your needs unless that A level asset is a center we don't currently have on the market.

Originally Posted by Bobby Ryan Getzlaf View Post
Basically, it's a proposal that not only leaves out one of the pieces the Ducks would actually want in return for Ryan, but also includes a player they probably want nothing to do with. That's why it gets mocked, but mainly the first one.
You can want Couturier and BSchenn all you want, but they don't exist for you...or anyone for that matter.

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