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Originally Posted by DownieFaceSoftener View Post
I've been crunching goalie numbers in a spreadsheet to determine the consistency with which netminders have down years. Bryz has had two down years in the last five, which is above normal (most netminders have 1 year out of 5 down.) Perhaps that can be attributed to the change of scenery and he will bounce back. The proof is in the pudding.

Annoyed by my desire to defend Bryz as simply having an off-year, I went game by game and looked at media incidents or Flyer's "events" compared SV% by game / incidents to see if the Philadelphia climate was the reason for his above average 2/5 down years. I came up with some interesting trends that I'll put out elsewhere.

The Flyers aren't run and gun in their own end. They are run and gun in the other two zones. Certainly, they need to get better on their end, but it is hard to draw the fault line on if it was the forwards, the defensemen, or Bryz. Look at enough stats on the subject and the quality of defense being played doesn't look to have a huge impact on SV%, but rather GAA.

For instance, in 2007-2008: Bryz's SV% .921
Phoenix 17th in league in goals against. Would you say Bryz was bad or Phoenix was?

This year: Flyers 21st out of 30.... Bryz's SV% .909

Bryz's "Vezina" year. 09-10: SV% .920. Phoenix that same year 3rd best in the league goals against. Do you give credit to Bryz, who had a lower SV% than 2007-2008's .921 but the goal's against were high, or to Phoenix's defense?
there are so many ridiculous variables that come into play. 2007/08 phoenix still sucked. bryz was thrown in off waivers. 2 years down the road you have a goalie who's teams's goalie coach and whole system was well implemented by then. they collapse around the circles in their own zone where as philly is always looking to breakout on the turnover (opposed to settling down the play). this season too many times ahead of the play which led to weak goals that only compounded the pressure. of course we play man to man positionally but we make a lot of high risk passes in bad areas of our zone. we didn't change our game plan because we lost that first pass when pronger went down. were back at square one in terms of our opinions on the quality of shots he's facing here opposed to there. i think they were a lot rougher here this year.

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