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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Titan Sports Management's contact page

Bosquet's playing bio on Titan's page is pure excrement. He claims to have played at "all levels professionally and internationally" when his only professional play was in a third tier German league.

Part of me wants to buy one of his gamers and burn it ... but it isn't worth the $100.
I'm e-mailing that ******. Will let you all know if he sends me a douchey reply.

Originally Posted by MarkMM View Post

Yeah, it's the agents more than Weber, Poile or, Snider Holmgren that I think come out of this looking like idiots.

It's not like Poile will need to negotiate another deal with Weber after this, I'd be tempted to publicly throw the agents under the bus. "Shea's a big part of our team and has always been a class act, despite some bewildering and unprofessional comments by his agents which do not serve their client well".

Hit them where it hurts, with the reputation of their company in front of the league/players.

This. Why hasn't anyone done this?! I feel like they're totally getting away with being *******s. Honestly I'm really disappointed in Weber for not coming out strongly against them, or (better yet), firing them.

Looking at their website...Toots is represented by them?! Whaaat?

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