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12-02-2003, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
The Penguins spent around 1.2 mil this year on Straka and saved about 3.1 mil. Next year they spend 2.35 mil, and save 2.35 mil. In short, they will have spent 3.55 million dollars on Straka for 22 games? 23 games, while The kings will pay 5.45 mil for almost two entire seasons. Yes it is a salary dump trade, but it was a bad one. The return was bad to begin with, but adding in the money that the Pens are supposed to be saving, is like a stab in the back.

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just curious, what do you think the kings should have given up to make it a fair trade for a player being paid $4 mil a year + haven't scored in 13 games + etc etc.

prior to the money thing, i think the penguins had a pretty good return. in fact, i think it was pretty damn decent with anshakov potentially being a consistent 20-30 goal 30 assist player. strbak will also be a steady number 6er on defense. now if they're rebuilding, it's kinda a smart move gettin a player like this in their system. whereas straka, on the other hand, hasn't been doing too hot lately. so what do you think would have been a fair trade?

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