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07-25-2012, 10:56 PM
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So let me premise this by saying I'm completely fine with going into the season with Ian Cole as our #6 d-man, and keeping an eye out for that #2 guy, who is necessary if we want to get past the second round.

But how fun would this be if we could pull this off:

Trade Cole, D'ags, 2nd (Ott) for Jay-Bo and Backlund.

Trade Jay-Bo, Stewart, 1st, 2nd (ours) for OEL.

Sign Shane Doan to a 3 year contract.

Sign veteran depth defenseman.

Win the Cup.

Our lines:



Scratches: Reaves/Porter/Depth Dman

Call-ups: Schwartz/McCrae/Hensik/Cracknell; Woywitka/Fairchild/Chorney etc.

Schwartz can replace Amac next year, and by the time Doan's contract is up, hopefully Rattie will be ready to step in, as well as one of Ponich/Edmundson for Jackman.

Why it could work: Because it would be awesome, duh.

Why it won't work: Because that's much more realistic, der.

In truth, I could -possibly- see this working. I think Cole/D'ags/second is actually somewhat fair for Jay-Bo and Backlund. I don't know much about Backlund, other then he's a former first rounder who seems hasn't really flourished yet, but he has decent (not great) size, and is still young. I feel like him for D'ags straight up would be a more then fair trade, and it would work for us as we are shifting assets away from a strength (wing) to a place a need (center). Perhaps someone with more knowledge on Backlund can tell me why this might be a great/horrible idea.

The second part of that trade would essentially be Cole and a 2nd (Ott) for Jay-Bo. First off, I think Ott won't do as well this year as they did last year, and frankly not make the play-offs. So that pick is easily in the top 40 in a very deep draft in my mind. Cole is a -really- solid prospect in my book. As I said at the beginning of this post, I think he's going to be fine in the regular season, as long as we don't expect him to be the messiah. I think giving up a blue-chip D prospect and a top 40 pick in a deep draft is worth it to move Jay-Bo, especially seeing what Rick Nash just went for. I also feel that Backlund is not as established as D'ags, so this also helps sway the trade imo.

The second trade is even less likely, as Phoenix is currently neck deep in what the Blues were in just a few months ago in terms of ownership and finance. So taking on around 10 million dollars of salary for a guy on an ELC is pretty much never going to happen. But -if- this guy can buy the franchise, it would be a pretty good splash to make, as you are trading from a -huge- position of strength (I mean seriously, go look at their D-man sometime, it's ridiculous how many blue-chip prospects they have on the blue-line) plus it gets them to the cap floor, something they are in desperate need of help to get to. (They have 22 players under contract and they are 10 million dollars under the cap, albeit without Shane Doan.) They could then move Yandle/Jay-Bo for other assets as well. (Such as scoring help)

Obviously, if we could pull off the first two moves, signing Shane Doan would still be a huge challenge as every team on the East Coast seems to want to give him 6+ million dollars.

Anyway, I was just a bit bored, and thought I would predict the future for everyone as a public service. Enjoy!

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