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07-26-2012, 01:14 AM
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Originally Posted by 2minutes4slashing View Post
I feel keeping both Rinaldo and Sestito dressed for alot of these games are important , tell ya why... Im sure some will disagree but...

I was pissed and embarrassed about what the Pens did in the last week of the season and in 2 of the playoff games with the bullying and cheap-shot tactics .. there's nothing that makes my blood boil more then when I see guys out there on the ice in those situations that arent either prepared to fight back or cant defend themselves during those "line brawls" Im not hat big of a Lavi fan as it is but if that were Keenan, Barber, Hitch, or heck even the Cake Baker , then one of those coaches would have made sure the team was ready for something like that to break out .. even with a few games vs the Rags in the past year, the flyers got embarrassed physically.
.. This team as constructed , no matter what alot of us think are not that "team" tough when it comes to the extra curricular stuff that goes on with games with the Pens, Sens and Rangers and now potentially the Sabres ... Now Asham replaces Prust on the Rags , Prust use to punish the Flyers , Ash got Schenn up high with a cheap hit, someone needs to address that other then Hartsy and Max Talbot . Heck even Max ( and bless his heart I love the guy) lost some of that ***** "edge" he had in years past when he came to Philly last year.....

Ok Ramble over .. point is I wish this team had a few more "a$$holes" that can do more then just agitate
I think we have more then a few guys who can take care of themselves. I know everyone was pissed off at the way those cheapshots went down in the Pens series, but I believe the Flyers handled it the right way. Players have long memories. You take a number and you move on. Looking for payback in a playoff series you had full control of is not the best way to handle it.
Asham is a pro and outside of that incident with Schenn has been a pretty honest player his whole career. i wish we still had him over that useless slug Jody Shelley.
Kunitz, Asham and even Malkin(cant forget what he did to Grossman) will be dealt with this season. Players dont forget.

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