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Originally Posted by Taelin View Post
Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this should be a new thread or not, so mods can merge this with another thread if needed.

I've (somewhat) arbitrarily chosen (alright, it's slightly because of Cody Hodgson) the Sabres as my Eastern Conference team. As much as I'd love to dive right in, I don't know much about the team. I was wondering if you guys could help a new fan out and give me some background info and basic knowledge of the workings of the Sabre organisation and their players.

Thanks! And sorry once again if this shouldn't have its own thread.
an odd thread to start however...

the way I see it, we are an organization on a brink of change promised by pegula...buffalo media outlets have in multiple placed this city as tough-a-lo likely due to the influence of the miller-lucic incident coinciding with the arrivals of ott-mcnabb-tropp-foligno mixed with mccormick and kaleta.

we are an organization evidently dedicated to winning based on the boston mold of "get tougher and grind to a pulf eventually".

The team has glaring top 9 weaknesses in the form of 2 roster spaces and has a huge hole at least at 4c center.

however that being said this weakness will within a year be address because this team has a plethora of young talent 1 year away from being ready in the form of grigs, girgs and armia not to mention others.

Realistically we are currently a 6-10 seed who by next year has the potential, sand paper, young players, and money to be a legit contender IMHO

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