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Originally Posted by The Inglorious One View Post
OEL is completely untouchable guys. He's their Petro.

Thats brutal for Phoenix no offense.

I'm not sure why so many Blues fans were down on D'Agostini for Backlund swap.
I dislike the term "untouchable." No one in this league is ever untouchable. If Gretzky could get traded twice anyone can.

I mean, I love AP. But if LA calls up and says hey, we want to trade you Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, and Drew Doughty, do you really say, oh no sir, I'm sorry, AP is untouchable! I understand that this will never happen, but you get the point.

Now, you could say that OEL is -highly- regarded. (Which he is) but if we could trade the #1 overall pick in Erik Johnson b/c we had another player we felt comfortable with (in this case AP) what's to say that it can't happen again? I have zero inside information about the Phoenix franchise. All I know is they have a -ton- of blue chip D prospects. But what's to say they don't look at Gormley and think that he can be OEL next year, and therefore would be willing to move OEL for the "right" price? I mean they already have Yandle.

You seemed to be interested in a D'ags for Backlund type package. So how about we change up the proposals a little bit.

D'ags and a 4th (Stl) for Backlund and a 3rd (Cgy)

Cole, Rattie, Stewart, 1st (Stl), 2nd (Stl) for OEL and a 3rd (Pho)

Sign Shane Doan to a 4 year contract. (Extra year to help with development of a prospect in the pipeline)

That leaves us with the same line combos as before, and our draft picks would look like:

2nd (Ott)
3rd (Cgy)
3rd (Pho)
3rd (Stl)
4th (Tampa)
6th (Stl)
7th (Stl)

That still leaves us a lot of flexibility for the trade deadline/draft day.

Now Phoenix has multiple prospects/picks, and a guy who has the potential to hit 30 goals. It might not be flashy at the time, but it's actually a lot more cost controlled then the previous proposal, and it does help Phoenix by shifting some of their assets to offensive from defense.

I feel like that trade is slanted towards Phoenix, which isn't usual when the team getting the BPA is usually coming out the clear winner. (See Rick Nash trade [I actually think the trade was beneficial for CBJ too, but not having to give up Stepan/Krieder was a -huge- win for NY] )

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