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07-26-2012, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by JC93 View Post
Instead of expendable to the team how about expendable to their position. You want Galchenyuk on the team that's fine but he's not going to anchor the third line in his rookie year. He needs to be in the top-six at which point you say, okay we have Plekanec as our anchor and most depenable forward, he's not leaving centre ice.

To use past comparisons, the way I see it in terms of type of player/role on the team..

Leblanc is the new Higgins, a top nine forward who spends time in the top six.
Desharnais the new Ribeiro, a talented offensive centre with nice numbers and ideally is the #2 guy in a point producing role behind a more complete #1.
Plekanec the new Koivu, aka the guy who's better than he credited for that people this board want to trade and won't miss til he's gone.
Eller the new Plekanec, the young two-way player poised to breakout from a 3rd line role to top six centreman.

The fun part is, we haven't had a player like Galchenyuk in a while to make a comparison to, which is really nice. .. IMO you move Desharnais to his wing on the 2nd line.. and have your choice of slotting Pleks and Eller in between Cole - Pacioretty or Bourque - Gionta.

I don't know about that, in the early Gainey-era comparison you outlined it really looks like Galchenyuk is the new Kostitsyn. They have many similarities: 'franchise' expectations, not quite Russian, health concerns caused them to drop (not much though) in the draft, BIG (but really just 6-1 and solid) and supposedly among the most skilled in their draft.

Let's hope our new future franchise forward works out this time!

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