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07-26-2012, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by knorthern knight View Post
Yes, Gretzky as a player did help hockey in LA. But given his role in Phoenix, I wouldn't touch him with a 3.048 metre pole as part of management.
Yes, I think that is a fair statement, KK. But, here's my thinking on this. Bellevue I think is getting ready to put a formal proposal out there - I suspect, as I said before, they will not make that public unless and until Seattle's council says no, and my guess is there are people within the Bellevue discussions that may have heard info from the Seattle side suggesting that will be case when all is said and done. So Gretzky's name alone in an endorsement capacity could bring in investors who would otherwise be on the fence or not in it. Remember, the big issues for Bellevue are:


Whether Gretzky would end up being in a management capacity is something that is so far out in the long term it's not even worth discussing at this point. But if Gretzky lends his name, and a few of his own $$ to it, that could be enough for the city and the business leaders working on it to sell this proposal to more skeptical folks and get them into this.

Again, the thing to remember, KK, is what superdeluxe said in his introductory post reporting this, that this will hopefully put pressure on the Seattle council to swallow their pride and vote yes.

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