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Originally Posted by Crazy Ivan View Post
This is how I read things:
1-Vis has a no trade clause which kicked in on July 1st.
2-Vis was traded before July 1st.
3-Vis wanted to play for the Isles, but was kicking around the idea of the KHL.
4-He filed a grievance because he wasn't consulted on the trade before it happened*
5-He might still kinda sorta is debating possibly considering suiting up for the Isles.

Assuming I have steps 1-5 correct, what does Vis hope to get out of this?
To be un-traded?
To be traded to one of the teams on his ten-team list, which, I'm assuming would've kicked in on July 1st.
To be a poster boy for the NHLPA about some type of issue which I can't think of?

*Is it standard for a player without a NTC to consulted before he is traded? Nope? Didn't think so.
Your take is unjustified. Whether Visnovsky has a NTC or not, he and his agent believe he does. Why value your own speculation rather than confirmed statements from the people involved?



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