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From Vapors to Supremes: my experience

Hello all. Brand new member here. I thought Id share my experience of switching from the Vapor line to the Supreme line, which we all know are two vastly different models. I hope this post might help those of you contemplating a change in skates. First a little background:

I play forward (usually left wing) in a local rec league. I'm 5'11 & 175lbs. While Ive been skating now for ~25 years, I have only been playing competitive hockey for a quarter of that time. I'd describe myself as a pretty good skater in terms of agility, form and speed. This is important for my upcoming review. In terms of my feet, I have a very narrow and pronounced heel, a high arch and an average forefoot. All in all, i'd describe my foot as more narrow than wide. I also use the green superfeet.

A few years ago I started using the Bauer Vapor line, starting with the X30's and later upgrading to the X50's. I chose the Vapor line due to their narrower boot and their supposed speed/acceleration, which I believe they lived up to. Recently my x50's have been giving me some trouble. Regardless of how tight I tied the laces, my heel was no longer as secure as it had once been. This resulted in a loss of power in each stride as I raced up and down the ice, something that I was not okay with. I felt like I was giving 100% physically, but only getting 80% in return. With that my search for new skates began.

I went to my LHS to look at Graf's after learning how well they secure the skater's foot. I tried on a few pairs and was not entirely impressed. Graf's are very shallow skates, something I had never been used to and not in the mood to try. To my surprise the LHS salesmen pointed me to the Supreme line, stating that while the boot is generally wider, the heel is actually tighter than the Vapor line. They brought out a pair for me to try on. Their Supreme inventory was light at the time I was there, but they did have a pair of one100 LE's in my size (9.5d) and they just happened to be on sale. I tried them on and immediately fell in love! They were so much more comfortable than my Vapors. They were a little flashy for me as I like to keep a low profile on the ice. Nevertheless, I decided to buy them.

The first time out in the skates I began to wonder if I had made a mistake. The boot was considerably more stiff than my Vapors. Also, the extra length of the LS2.1 runner was throwing me off. Once I got used to these changes, however, I knew I had made the right decision.

Here is my feeling on the Supreme line, especially those with the LS2.1 runners. They are excellent for skaters who rely on stride over foot speed. I would go as far as to say that the one100's would not work well for beginners. By that I mean that the skate is not as forgiving as the Vapors and really force you to skate well. If you do skate well - knees bent, forward pitch, productive strides - you will see a marked improvement in your overall skating with the Supremes. Needless to say, I am happy to have become a Supreme guy.

Thanks for reading.

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