Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Flyers re-sign Jakub Voracek (4 years, $4.2M per)
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07-26-2012, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by WJG View Post
Voracek is definitely not better than the bolded.

I'd say JVR is the best comparison.
I said better than OR comparable to those players.

Voracek scored 50 points at 20 years old, 46 points are 21 years old and 49 points at 22 years old. Hes a good 2 way player and like I said, he's significantly younger than most of those guys.

Ladd is 4 years older and only has 1 season better than Voracek's 50 point season. I would not trade jake for Ladd.

Fisher is 10 years older than Jake and has a career high of 53 points. He also signed his contract when the cap was lower so the percentage his cap hit used was higher and at the time, he had never broken 50 points, something Jake did when he was 20. I would not trade Jake for Fisher.

Versteeg is 4 years older and signed a contract a few days ago for slightly more than Jake. He had a career high 54 points last season. Having seen both Voracek and Versteeg in Philly, I think most Flyers fans would say we would rather have Jake.

Callahan has a career high 54 points and signed his deal before he ever scored 50. Callahan brings a lot to the table other than points so I will agree that he is more valuable than Jake.

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