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12-02-2003, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Got tired of writing the whole thing?

You should just put it in your signature, in your profile.

And I agree, Ribeiro's shifts are too long. This is the kind of move that can pay or cost alot for a coach. However, I criticized alot when I felt the coach wasn't daring to bench the right players who were lacking in their comitment or were just plain not listening. So I will wait a bit here before to crucify him because this is what I want him to do, have every single player accountable for their actions. Ribeiro is no star and shouldn't play like he can do whatever he wants. I can understand the outrage, especially from a paying fan point of vue, but I can understand the other side too. So I guess I'll stay on the fence for that one and wait to see if this does anything for Ribeiro himself and maybe more importantly, team consistency and accountability.

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