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07-26-2012, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Chileiceman View Post
Yes, people go to war and die so that all the Billy Bob rednecks back home can have guns. Because that's freedom right there!!

Nevermind that many people who love each other can't marry each other, or the garbage minimum wage in many states or the millions that can't afford decent healthcare. Those things weren't mandated in a document written in freaking 1776. As we can obviously see, nothing has changed since then. Those Brits are still a menace and you should be well armed against them. Children are still dying of polio and the black slaves are lazy as ever. Oh, when will progress come.

If anything take away guns and it'll be harder for these people to commit suicide.
Yes, Chili. You may not understand the pride our veterans have in defending our constitution. That is freedom. Don't let that stop you from posting some sarcastic nonsense full of hyperboly though.

Go ahead and propose a scenario of how guns in the United States could be 'taken away'. Could you even imagine the logistics of such an operation to be sure that every firearm currently in my country is no longer in the ownership of a private citizen? Logistics aside, I guarantee that something like that would start another revolution. Moreover, history has shown that disarming a population is one of the first steps towards dictatorship.

But let's keep talking about the lazy slaves and polio children.

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