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Originally Posted by Sgarbossy View Post
Yes, Chili. You may not understand the pride our veterans have in defending our constitution. That is freedom. Don't let that stop you from posting some sarcastic nonsense full of hyperboly though.

Go ahead and propose a scenario of how guns in the United States could be 'taken away'. Could you even imagine the logistics of such an operation to be sure that every firearm currently in my country is no longer in the ownership of a private citizen? Logistics aside, I guarantee that something like that would start another revolution. Moreover, history has shown that disarming a population is one of the first steps towards dictatorship.

But let's keep talking about the lazy slaves and polio children.
The constitution is not the United States of America. You mean to tell me they were in Iraq and Afghanistan because they had to defend the constitution? I agree 100% with everything Alex Jones says in the post above me. This idea of the sacred constitution has been blown way out of proportion. Was it a revolutionary document at the time? Of course. But flash forward almost 240 years later and now every free democracy has a constitution. It's not really a unique concept.

The US sends soldiers where it's convenient to them, just like every other country would. They do nothing about Syria because the UN security council won't let them, but that didn't seem to matter in 2003. Are the soldiers unbelievably brave? Of course they are, and they should be honoured and respected for that. Are they always actually defending the best interest of every day Americans? No. Just following orders.

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