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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
A good one.

When you aren't winning it's a great idea. That's what Quebec did with their vets and it landed them a bunch of picks, one of which turned into Joe Sakic. NJ did it and got the pick for Niedermayer, Washington did it and landed Mike Green. We used to do it, Calgary did it for Iginla... why not do this? Esp when we have the scouting we do. It makes perfect sense and if we'd been doing this long ago we'd be a lot better off now. But we've kept putting it off. No surprise that we finished near the bottom last year...
We watched guys like Souray and Koivu go for nothing and reloaded with players of similar ability via free agency. The losing has been entirely predictable.

Yet you seem to want us to continue to do this.

Before this season ended I suggested we try to get the extra pick from Washington. Maybe give up some vets (Pleks, Cole or Markov) for a first. Don't know if they would've done it. But folks here thought that it was a crazy idea... why? What do we have to lose?

And we could've taken Forsberg or Grigorenko to go along with Galchenyuk at 11th overall. These kinds of trades make sense man. We should be looking at doing this but we don't.

If that were true, then the draft wouldn't be linear. It is linear. On average, the 1st overall will perform the best, the 2nd overall will perform 2nd best and so on... That's the way it is.

Does it mean there aren't Alex Daigle's in the past or that there won't be any in the future? Of course not. But it's hardly a crapshoot man.

Compare the five seasons of top five picks vs. 31 to the end of the draft over the years. Even with the disadvantage of only having 5 picks vs. hundreds to choose from, the best players are STILL going to come from the top five on average. Yes, there will be more NHLers in the 2nd group, but it's from a huge pool of hundreds of players per year.

It becomes a crapshoot to find a superstar beyond the first round. It's certainly not a crapshoot in the top five though.
Lafleurs Guy rocks. This is exactly what I've been saying. Enough with mediocrity. Somethings gotta change!

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