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Originally Posted by Alex Jones View Post
A few points.

America does not fight for freedom, save from ostensibly. They fight for national interest. There may be some fashion in which some concept of freedom is draped around national interest, but veterans did not, have not, and never will fight for freedom.

Let me mention that America was never about freedom, thats our postmodern excuse making so that we can put America and it's founding on some type of moral high ground. Was freedom part of the equation for the founding of America? Most certainly, but was the goddamned idea or whatever the **** they try to narrate it as nowadays? No.

"defending the constution" usually means, "protecting what I think the constution means".

I won't argue the point that guns cannot be taken away in the absolute sense, but it's a bit nonsensical (read= false choice) to state that doing nothing is the other answer.

And many, many, many countries have been fine without guns.
I see what you are saying, but disagree. What, if anything, was America about if not freedom from the monarchy of England? Technically, it was a Declaration of Independence to be sure. There is truth in your statement about defending the constitution and the subjective shadow cast over its meaning. In my eyes, this is due to the politicization of the Supreme Court, but that is an entirely different conversation. I would even go so far as to say the idea of America in the eyes of the founding fathers is far different from where we are today. Yet it remains that 'freedom' and 'rights' in the eyes of those forefathers did in fact include the right to bear arms. Again, the implied meaning of militias et al is somewhat subjective it seems.

At any rate, elimination of firearms in this country is a false choice indeed. Maybe it boils my blood to read all the gun control expert opinions riddled with inflammatory rubbish.

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