Thread: Confirmed with Link: Flyers sign WHL prospect Brandon Manning
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07-26-2012, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Stonehands77 View Post
Meh, many of these guys were later picks. Marshall was a miss, Ratchuk was never a highly ranked guy, and Zarb? Really? He was a 5th round pick. Did you really think he'd turn our great? If so, what on earth would make you think that?

The Flyers' issue with D-men seems to be that they don't spend 1st round picks on them, mainly. The talent drop off after that is immense, and thus I can't fault them for "missing" on a bunch of question marks.
I remember the day of the draft (03 or whenever it was) the guys (on the board I was with at the time) were totally stoked he was still there that late in the draft. I remember words like "speediest guy in our system", and "longest reach of our prospects" being said at the time. Notice I used the term "we" and not "I". I had never seen Zarb play at all. We don't get a ton of US college games up here for me to watch.

I should note though that for the most part I find this board to far more reasonable than my old one when it comes to projecting players. For example I remember how many guys kept putting Cabana on their Flyer 4th line projections during the offseason one year.

Ratchuk was not exactly a bluechipper by any means but there were folks pretty excited about him. He was a second round pick and was talked about a lot when he was in college. I remember when he was traded there were some who felt it was a bad trade (I suppose in their defense they may have seen Legin as a quitter or something). I also distinctly remember reading an article on the Flyers site that basically said when he, Nodl and Kalinsky joined the Phantoms (after their college years were done) that we were seeing the next batch of Flyers that would probably make the jump to the NHL the next year just like how Carter and Richards did a few years earlier. Boy were they off on that one. Of course that could have been Timmy P for all I know, so maybe the only hype was what he created.

I totally agree with your second paragraph, and my feeling on it, is that if a forward happens to be the BPA at the time of the pick then you pick the forward, so I don't fault the team at all for most of it's first rounders.

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