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07-26-2012, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
Dude... You use less logic than anyone on these boards. Your policy style of debate is getting tired and worn out. The fact that you like to say more than anyone else in an argument, while taking cheap, illogical shots at other posters in order to twist the semantic meaning of an argument is more reminiscent of the old WMBs than anything else.

Were you in the arena or did you watch it on the stream?

Being in the arena, I saw Coyle;
Winning board battles.
Going into empty spaces.
Creating space for himself.

Granted, I was watching the defense more closely than the forwards.
Talking to yourself again I see.

As for the scrimmages, allegedly he was better in the Sunday scrimmage (which I didn't get to meaningfully watch) but I'll let GS make the point for me:

Originally Posted by Gopher State
Charlie Coyle - While it's a scrimmage, he was mostly invisible outside of the occasional scramble along the boards or play with Johan Larsson. Things were so bad that after a five minute stretch in the second half I had to check and make sure Coyle wasn't injured. That's not what you want to see out of a player who led the QMJHL in playoff scoring and highlighted a bigger problem among Team White forwards, a lack of chemistry. Other than Kris Foucault and Tyler Groavac the last 5 minutes, no one seemed to find a rhythm and shows why they struggled in the first half.
Coyle played very poorly in the scrimmage. But yet you've laid blame for that (in your post) firmly at the feet of the player you're voting for now. Let's use logic for half a second here (although the lack of logic on WMB was clearly a symptom of your posting, not despite it).

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