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Originally Posted by Subban76 View Post
Semin is a 30g/year average, not 35. He scored 40 goals once only. He accumulated all these great stats while playing a run and gun, no defense, type of hockey with great talented players. Look at is stats, its up and down all the time. No consistency.
197G/469GP=0.4200...x 82GP=34.4Goals per year.
Very simple math. Considering you can't score .4 goal, you round it up to the highest number, 35.
Semin averages 35 goals per year. I don't care how or in which system he scored them, FACT is he's averaging about 35 goals per year.
Really, I have no idea why you're still arguing about this.

Originally Posted by Subban76 View Post
Funny how you never responded to my posts where I clearly state that when Washington adopted a more defensive style 2 years ago, is stats went down and when Hunter took over and put in an even more defensive system, is stats went way down and he produced less than Doan in a similar system, but Doan was playing with less talented players. I find this to be a very important fact that all Semin lovers are ignoring because you have no response to it. Keep closing your eyes and ignore the facts, keep hoping that is bad reputatioon is overblown, that's a great way to build a team.
It's not really funny, more lame on your part because not only did I answer your post but so did DAChampion, you didn't answer to either of our responses.
I won't waste my time re-writing it, so here it is:
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Actually, that run and gun style brought them to the most GF/G since the lockout all teams combined. It also lead them to the President's trophy win, by almost 10pts.
As DA just brought up, in the POs, they faced a brick wall by the name of Halak. Despite dominating us, they lost. Same thing applied to the Pens in the following round, shall we crap on Crosby and Malkin for not beating the little 8th place team?
Despite their early PO exit, that was their most successful season (since the lockout at least). They only lost 15 regular season games that year! They were a force to be reckon with.
Unfortunately, they took something that worked for them, tried to switch it around and has lead to worse results. You seem to single out Semin, but Backstrom, Ovechkin and Green ALL saw their production dropped. But no, it's Semin the lazy evil russian. You take a bunch of full out attack guys and tell them to play defense, and you find it surprising their production dropped? Really? It's surprising to you?? It's freaking normal.
Last year, playing under Hunter, they looked very similar to us when we went to the ECF. They got dominated, had timely goals, and a hot keeper.

So, to begin with, their run and gun style was appropriate for them. They needed better goaltending and one stronger top 4 defensive D, and mainly, patience. Telling a team that has Ovie, Semin, Backstrom, Green, to focus on defense is just ********. It was a bad decision.
It's not because they didn't win a cup or got to the finals that it wasn't the right system.

As for our team, no clue what our system will be, but in Pittsburgh, Therrien didn't have that much of a responsible system going on. They focused on offense, and rightfully so, with guys like Crosby, Staal and Malkin.
My guess is Therrien will preach a hard working, aggressive offensive system, with smart defensive decisions (obviously). But aggressive physical forecheck will be the primary focus and if you put a Semin with Plekanec and Cole, then I fail to see how the ceiling for Semin is lower than his career average.

I have no problem with Doan. I think he'd be a good addition, but I think we need more of a skilled winger than a gritty winger now. We have MaxPac-Cole-Gionta, Plek-DD are also gritty with strong forechecking skills, Eller as well. So a guy like Semin would fill a void.

Originally Posted by Subban76 View Post
Its too funny people thinking Semin could score 40 with the Habs and their defensive system. I'm not even sure he would score 30. Say he does to be nice. Doan would give at least 20. So the extra 10 goals, at best, probably less, are worth more than Doan's character and leadership, grit, playoffs appaearance, etc. NOT EVEN CLOSE!
What defensive system do we have??? Martin was fired and RC didn't have any system going on. He was also let go. If you know anything about Therrien, then you know he isn't a defensive coach. He likes aggressive and physical forechecking teams, we will be aiming towards the offense more so than the defense.
Now, if we didn't already have strong forecheckers, I'd say Doan might be the better option, but we already have them on our team. What we don't have is raw talent like Semin.
Are the 10 goals more important? Tough to know. What if 4 of those are GWG? What if those goals make us get in the POs? What about in 3 years when Doan will be 39? How many goal differential will we be at??

For so many reasons, Semin is the better option. The only reason you have to bring Doan over him is ''character''.

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