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07-26-2012, 11:57 AM
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Question re Forwards Role in loss to NJ

One nagging issue bugs me. It is widely stated that we lost to NJ cuz our defense was crippled and possible goaltending issues (tho I argue Bryz played well enough in that series, he just got no help from rest of team).

I agree. Pronger was out, Timo is elderly and lost a step, Meszaros was hurt, even Grossman was injured... yeah our defense was (and probably still is) horrible.

BUT from my observations, everyone on the team was losing board battles and possession to the Devils.

Not just the defense corps, the forwards also, and in all zones (defense and offense).

On paper we had an awe inspiring offense, but did we really?

Why couldnt we make up for our defensive liabilities by outgunning and outscoring them?They only scored 2-4 goals per game max, if we put up a few goals we coulda won some of those.

Is our offense really that good? Or is it a paper tiger, effective only in a free wheeling run n gun joke series like Pittsburgh.
( which doesnt happen much in POs)

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