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07-26-2012, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Look at the last team that Gretzky had his name attached to in a non-player role. Not so sure a Gretzky connection makes for outcome.
To be fair, nobody should have expected Gretzky to "save/revive" the Coyotes as the Part-Owner/Head Coach. Especially now, given all the information that has come out about how mismanaged the Coyotes have been since their existence. He had way too much on his plate in managing his players/staff and the day to day stuff that comes with it. Remember that the Coyotes job was the ONLY experience Gretz had in professional coaching/management, and that in itself is a good reason why it didn't work out. I believe that if Gretzky wanted to grow the game in the desert he should have had stayed a management role rather than coaching. Although, I think he should have avoided the Coyotes altogether (personal opinion).

Having the greatest hockey player ever support trying to expand (or relocate) a team to a new area (Seattle) is great. Just don't hinge everything on him like was done in Phoenix and you should be ok.

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