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07-26-2012, 12:46 PM
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The Habs are an elite injury team year in and year out. Last year wasn't so bad. We were only missing one top-4 dman and one top-6 forward. We didn't need to trade for Mara and Sopel, nor did we have the entire 2nd line on the injury reserve at any one time.

Every single summar, Habs fans say "if we assume that there are no injuries next year then we'll do better in the standings", and then at the end of the season they say "we only did bad because of the injuries". It's an old, worn out excuse. There are injuries every year.

Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
Regarding "... if you had told the average fan a year ago we'd benefit from these 4 "random" effects, which were not expected at the start of the year..."... our PK has been steadily good in the last seasons, Cole is a good player so are Pacioretty and Price, I still expect wins against Buf, Tor and Ott... what do you mean by "not expected"?

Did anybody expect Cole to have the best season of his career? I think people were predicting 25 goals, not 35. That's what his career stats show.

Our PK has been steadily good, but this was exceptional. And we did this without Roman Hamrlik. Hamrlik-Spacek was our shutdown pair, so it would have been expected that our PK drops.

The division was very weak this year. Toronto was 5th worst in the league, they did worse than last year in spite of being a young team. Ryan Miller had a concussion. Normally if your division rivals regress you expect to rise in the standings.

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