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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
197G/469GP=0.4200...x 82GP=34.4Goals per year.
Very simple math. Considering you can't score .4 goal, you round it up to the highest number, 35.
Semin averages 35 goals per year. I don't care how or in which system he scored them, FACT is he's averaging about 35 goals per year.
Really, I have no idea why you're still arguing about this.

It's not really funny, more lame on your part because not only did I answer your post but so did DAChampion, you didn't answer to either of our responses.
I won't waste my time re-writing it, so here it is:

What defensive system do we have??? Martin was fired and RC didn't have any system going on. He was also let go. If you know anything about Therrien, then you know he isn't a defensive coach. He likes aggressive and physical forechecking teams, we will be aiming towards the offense more so than the defense.
Now, if we didn't already have strong forecheckers, I'd say Doan might be the better option, but we already have them on our team. What we don't have is raw talent like Semin.
Are the 10 goals more important? Tough to know. What if 4 of those are GWG? What if those goals make us get in the POs? What about in 3 years when Doan will be 39? How many goal differential will we be at??

For so many reasons, Semin is the better option. The only reason you have to bring Doan over him is ''character''.
Very simple math indeed. I'm a CPA, you won't win this one buddy. You divided by games played, problem is Semin as NEVER played a full season. He averages 30 goals per year, not 35. He would have averaged 35 per year if he had played 82 games per year every year, but that's not the case!

Which highlights another Doan dominance. He's never injured, While Semin almost always misses 10 game per year on average.

As for your response to the goals difference. That's your reponse? A blurb on non sense? Habs were defensive. Martin had no system Please, can you make more stuff up to try and validate your point. I like when you dig your hole deeper.

Therrien will be defensive, because he does not have Crosby and Malkin on this team. You can have a strong forecheck while playing a good defensive system, or is that too complex for you?

As for the 10 goals. Please. 1 extra goal every 8 games won't make much of a difference. But keep digging.

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