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07-26-2012, 12:54 PM
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I'll try not to argue it either, but Corvo is a brutal comparison. Joe is athletic, staight forward fast with much less lateral mobility, with no thinking. Mcbain is deliberate, mobile without explosiveness, thinks his way through everything. Other than being pmd's they're pretty much polar opposites. Corvo has a bomb slapper that has no control or accuracy, mcbain has wristers, snappers, one timers all accurate and rarely blocked. Ill stop now.

Mcbain is on his way. He has improved every year, and is thought of as a top 4 guys from what I've read. I think he's definitely still a step ahead of Faulk but I'd agree Faulk has a higher ceiling. Regardless homegrown talent tends to be cheaper and you get value out of it. There no reason Faulk, mcbain and Murphy can't co exist.

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