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07-26-2012, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Parents only meeting before you know all the players is asking for trouble. Parents' night at schools happen after the first report or progress report. Do not allow input before you have your own evaluation of each player to go along with the associations.

This is a meeting to go over the rules, schedules, expectations, tournaments and policies of the team and association and has nothing to do with the individual players. Sorry I wasn't clear that this is a group meeting, not individuals.

Association rules will always trump your rules. This one is hard to enforce if you or the assistants have your own kids on the team.

True, but I have avoided that for the most part and the one instance I had, I made sure the father was helping the defense (his strength) while his son was a forward. Made it a lot easier.

Two assistants are handy. When I started coaching in the sixties, assistants were unheard of. Ask for volunteer helpers from amongst the parents to help during practises or various team related tasks. Encourage cheer squads, party organizers, etc. These parents will provide valuable feedback.

Getting mad? Why? You and the other coaches are the adults in the situation. Also everyday life has enough problems, don't add to them. If you are having fun, the players and everyone else will have fun. Use the flashpoints as teaching aides. Hard to teach on ice and off ice discipline if you are losing yours.

That was my point about getting mad. You need to keep your cool and know that you are upset but remain in control and confidant. Inside, you will be as upset as the players because it is an emotional game but to a new coach it's important to understand that days like that will occur and you have to be coaching for the kids and for the love of the game. Hell, a good portion of the coaches I coach against each year have this as a career.

Hope this clarifies!

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