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07-26-2012, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
Me personally, I turn down his option for 9.5M next year. He is a mid-4 ERA guy, and I'm not paying close to 10M for that.

Maholm would be a disaster in the AL.
I would not unless they bring in a big $$$ pitcher via trade or UFA

Sox have no one in system that projects to be a starter ready outside of Hernandez maybe and Floyd gives them depth in rotation

Also it is likely Peavy is gone after this year (Take a look at his option)

My expectation is that KW wants Grienke at deadline and wants to extend him and have him as part of big 4 for Sox going forward using Floyd/Peavy costs to cover the extension to Grienke

Sale-Greinke-Quintana-Danks-? for 2013

I would expect in that scenario for Pedro Hernandez who Sox are high on to be the #5 starter

Doubt we get Greinke but I have no doubt that part of Kenny's plan if he were to acquire him would be to give him longterm extension

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