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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
You can make all the arguements you want for "strategically tanking", but all that tells me is that you don't have a clue on what an competitive human being wants..and that's to WIN!

You don't think that EVERY other NHL team wants a shot at the top 3 picks next year? How can you even be sure you could finish in the postion you want?

Do you REALLY think Bergivin would want to strategically tank. How the heck so you do that, trade your core for more pics, stop developing your young talent, sit out your top talent?

A MILLION different scenarios could happen in an NHL season.... who had the Kings winning the cup?

You play to WIN... you want a top 3 pick, you make smart trades to get that asset.

FYI.... it was an 8th place team that won the CUP.... making smart hockey decisons to WIN.... NOW!
Yes, the thought of tanking is for armchair GMs who haven't much of a competive streak in them.
Except that members of management said they couldn't wait for the bad contracts to expire so they could start working for real...

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