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07-26-2012, 02:29 PM
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With that said, welcome to the forum. This is a place where people can talk about this type of work, present their own work, critique others' work, and hopefully we can collectively advance the dialogue. The goals of the forum are twofold - to improve the quality of data available, and to better use that data through a rigorous approach.

Two additional rules apply (in addition to our site rules):
  1. Respect what goes on here. If you can't do that, then feel free to ignore the forum entirely.
  2. Be patient, and trust others' motives. What's basic to you may not be basic to me, and we're all in this together. Be helpful. Take opportunities to learn, and take opportunities to teach.
Oh, and have fun! That's why we're here to begin with - it's just a game.

If you have ideas for the success of the forum, please send them our way. I'm going to try to sticky a list of the more helpful resources out there, and that will evolve over time.

Also, special thanks to Buffaloed and the administrators (Fugu, Timmy) for being patient with my inane questions.

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