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07-26-2012, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by IComeInPeace View Post
If someone is saying Joilat is the best pound for pounder in history, Id say its pretty much a lock that is not a 2nd hand story...likely a 4th or 5th hand story at best.

For the record, yes, I put little to no weight on 2nd or 3rd hand accounts unless I know who the source of those accounts are.

I have read articles proclaiming Mark Messier, Gordie Howe, Larry Robinson and others as not only great fighters, but guys who may have been the best ever. Complete bullcrap. Great fighters for good players I agree with. Great fighters compared to guys who did it full time for a living: not a chance. Messier would have been in the same class of fighter as a Kelly Buchberger. Yet, I believe The Hockey News had him in the top 3 of all time.

So yes, I like to consider the source of all info I am expected to take as fact.

I have no problem believing Joliat was tough as nails, but when someone posts that:

I sense this is someone who has no problem stretching the truth to make a point. There is no one
that was much tougher than Domi pound for pound. To make such an assertion tells me this person is willing to stretch the truth to get people to see things as he does...

To me that means this person is not a credible source of info.
You do know that Larry Robinson had no problem punching the lights out of "the hammer". Seriously, you obviously have no clue at all about the history of hockey. Why are you even arguing?

Howe rarely had to fight because nobody wanted to go with him. Every once in a while he will take on some cocky idiot and leave them bloody and destroyed on the ice.

Pound for pound? Yes, Domi was about 215 pounds and were up against 225-235s. I'm unimpressed.

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