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07-26-2012, 02:43 PM
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So how many of those problems are likely to re surface next PO season? OK, exclude the defense for now and focus on forwards.

Dominated physically and out muscled by larger wingers like Poni and Zubrus alarms me in particular. Both those wingers and also Kovalchuk are known for being big guys who DO NOT use their size properly.

Do our forwards have a lack of size? Hartnell and Simmonds are comnsidered either power wingers or deevlioping power forwards.... but are the rest too small?

Clarkson is tough and big yes, but the otehrs listed? forgive me for being too Don Cherry ish, but how can Philly be out muscled by those lumbering Euro guys with no heart?

You know what? Call me crazy, but I wish a long time ago we had gone after Buff-lin (sic). Really. After that Chicago series we shouldve thrown money at him.

He can play defense and forward, so no Philly team would ever be 'outmuscled' again. Ever.

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