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07-26-2012, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
This should be stickied and be a forced read for every poster. On top of that, a mandatory read of the list of injuries on other teams should be added. Last year, the Habs lost Gionta. That is all. Markov was already injured. 35 more games of Gionta and more Markov doesn't punt you from 15th to ''good''.
Sorry, but it does. If Markov is back, the team is much better. I know that shows a fundamental problem with the makeup of the team in that they rely on a guy coming back from injury. But it's knee surgery not amputation, half the guys in the NHL have had it.

If Markov is back and clicking as a top-pairing the defenceman, we're much much better. There is statistical proof to show that. Again, it sucks that the team has to rely on that.

I'm willing to bet that if this team gets off to a nice start, they'll do the usual Habs move we've seen: grind out wins with a decent group of veteran forwards and contributions from a couple of kids, and use the Powerplay led by Markov to put up goals.

Subban better be shooting a ******** of one-timers this offseason. For all the hate Pierre McGuire gets, he actually nailed it last season when he said the Habs a) need to stay healthy and b) need to have a top-five powerplay, to make the playoffs. It's the same story this year and for a couple of more years while the prospect depth is re-stocked.

They have the building blocks of an elite goaltender and hopefully two top pairing defenceman. Cross your fingers and hope for the playoffs, there's no other option. Anyone who says otherwise, fine have fun praying for losses in February so that a hockey team can draft another set of 18-year-olds a handful of places higher than another team, who may or may not turn out to be good players.

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Go Habs, see you in the playoffs, flip the negativity, Markov rules.

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