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07-26-2012, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by IComeInPeace View Post
You are a conventional wisdom guy...the type that if a story is repeated often enough, it must be true.

Yes Robinson beat Schultz. I have seen the fight, and read many different accounts of it (there was a big subject on the matter at
I would suggest I know more about Gordie Howe's fistic prowess than you do. However I dont just go by popular accounts written by writers who often thought the person who got the takedown won the fight.

How did the great Gordie Howe (who I absolutely love as a player) respond when repeatedly challenged by Fernie Flaman? A guy like Flaman, and many other lesser known players would have beat Howe more often than not. But that doesnt make for an impressive a story as writing something totally ignorant such as "not only was Messier one of the greatest ever players, he could be devasting when provoked to fight...many people consider him to be the best fighter of all time..."
Pure hyperbole. No one that knows hockey fighting would consider Messier, Howe, Robinson, or even Dave Schultz to be amongst the elite fighters of all time. Schultz was a good fighter, but a great goon. I would suggest that out of 100 people posting their all time top 10 or 20 lists on, Schultz's name would come up much less than 10% of the time.

Here's a second hand account (by an old timer old enough to have read it by himself in the NY Times):
He (Flaman) didn't like talking about the fighting it was just something he had to do. And you also got to see Ferny (I think you used this description before) ragdoll Howe tearing the jersey off his back as Gordie stayed behind the refs. I think you said Howe came into the boards elbows high and didn't know it was Flaman behind him and Ferny lost it. Might be my favorite story. I think the New York Times quote was some thing like "Flaman challenged Howe to a fight throwing a couple punches and tearing the jersey off Howes back and Gordie wanted no part of him"
I watched Howes entire career, Robinsons, Orrs, Potvins and Domis. So don't tell me you know more about Howe than I do. Him and Fern had a couple of real fights (one of them is the one you mentioned) Fern won one and the other one was a tie in Detroit. This was an extreme example as Fern probably were one of the best enforcers this league has seen. Obviously Howe will have a bad moment just like anyone else and I don't see what it has to do with toughness when a star backs down from a fight with an enforcer?

Robinson was tough as nails. The problem is that star players rarely fights the true enforcers as it would be pointless for the stars team.

Now back to Aurel Joliat as this was the main point. This was a 140 lbs kind of guy so pound for pound I think he has Domi beat. He lost most of his fights but that little man went at it again and again versus much bigger opponents. His fight versus Broadbent is legendary.

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