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07-26-2012, 04:45 PM
DJ Spinoza
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Random thoughts:

1. I don't think it's likely that Marte is being auditioned for a trade. I suppose some MLB at-bats could enhance the value he has, but the sample size is so ridiculously small that it would be stupid to base anything on his first week in the majors, good or bad. I think it likely points to the fact that it will be tough to get a starter through a trade, coupled with the fact that Marte's ceiling is better than most of what's available anyways.

2. Correia to the bullpen is the right call. He's done a solid job, but now we have the depth to make this the right move. For me it seems that Burnett, Wandy, J-Mac, and Karstens are a lockdown top 4, and Bedard is a much better pitcher than Correia when he's healthy/on. If Bedard starts to look tired, Correia can spot start for him or take over if it comes to that, but...

3. If we get any kind of offer than includes a good hitting prospect or a piece that helps fill another need on the team, Correia should be dealt at the deadline. It may sound harsh and heartless, since he's overall been a sturdy pitcher, but it'd be a very good baseball move given our other starters. If not, he's possibly valuable as an emergency guy out of the pen/long reliever. [In terms of speculation, it might make it easier to move a guy like Hughes to get someone like Victorino, even though that's not an amazing move for the long term... I'd be inclined to do it just because Huntington has shown year in and year out that he can build a good bullpen from scratch].

4. This might sound crazy, but if we get a good offer for Hanrahan, I'd trade him and make Lincoln the closer.

5. Really looking forward to tonight's game. I remember when Alvarez was called up, which was nicer because I was able to get last-minute tickets right on the baseline to see his first start. I'd be doing the same if this was at home.

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