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07-26-2012, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Pancakes View Post
That's an awfully slow line though. Neal and Tangradi are not the fleetest of foot. I feel like Kunitz's speed really benefited that line this year. With Tangradi and Neal on the wings, that line is going to have a tough time with puck retrievals against mobile defenses.

I'd rather do:


if Tangradi is on the team. That leaves two lines with a big guy, a speedy forechecker, and Sid/Geno.
it also leaves one line with the two better wingers and one line with the two worse wingers. Want to balance it?

Dupuis - Crosby - Neal
Kunitz - Malkin - TK/Tangradi

not a popular choice, I know. But it balances both things we are talking about. I like my original line more, but I like this more than stacking one line and having Dupuis be the good winger on the other. Malkin can have the number 1 and number 4 wing, Sid can have 2 and 3. Everyones happy.

I also don't think Tangradi's speed is a problem. So there's that.

need I say more? Seriously though, I think him and Neal are plenty fast and definitely plenty physical and tough to play against.

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