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Originally Posted by kirby11 View Post
oh well, at least you're used to seeing awful drop passes used on the PP then
here's how the sabres run it: D-man makes drop pass around center ice to a fast player (roy or ennis generally, if i remember right). Other 3 players stand at the blue line while this whole play is going on. Player who receives drop pass either chips the puck deep and is the only person for the sabres that has a chance at getting it because no one else was skating or has to try to deke through 4 guys who are waiting at the blue line
Originally Posted by tsujimoto74 View Post
Don't forget plan B! Someone playing the point (Myers, Ehrhoff or Pominville, usually) skates the puck through the neutral zone and executes the drop pass to the outside right after they get over the blue line. Then that guy chips it in deep.
Sounds eerily similar to the Vancouver PP...

Originally Posted by Play4Miracles View Post
I'm not surprised to learn that you are a female member of the human species. I understand that Mr. H had quite a puck bunny following in Van-Land. He's got quite an online puck bunny following here already, so you will fit right in.

I tend to judge players by how they play and the results they produce. So we probably wont get along.

Well, if I were a puck bunny type, I wouldn't be picking Hodgson as my favourite player I am female though, so I know I'm a rare species in the world of the sports fan!

Originally Posted by jflory81 View Post
Don't mind Miracles - he's just bitter his man-crush got sent out to Vancouver and has been taking it out on Hodgson ever since.

Anyway, welcome! The Nucks have been my 2nd team for quite awhile, and then you guys picked up former RIT player Tanev and just reaffirmed that.
Kassian? I actually had my Coho jersey changed to him (got my Coho jersey a month before he was traded... ), but I'm saving up money to get my Coho Buffalo jersey. Tanev's been awesome for us though!

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