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12-02-2003, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by phantompenguin
I'd expect better from you Vlad...yes, I LOVE losing more than anything
Sorry if I angered you. I'm just really disapointed is all

You play hockey to win. I just find it very strange that you've got 16 years old up there in your avatar when you should have (IMHO) a Stanley Cup or something.

I see too many people speaking about such things as drafts as if it's the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is supposed to be winning. We happened to be talking about the Penguins so I mentioned your avatar, which I had seen recently.

The same sentiment happens when I see Dudley's ugly mug in avatars. The guy isn't even able to secure a playoffs spot when GMing and is somehow supposed to be a genious? It's depressing.

Nothing beats hockey in the spring, IMO. Hockey when it counts the most. And some cheap teams achive this goal. I have seen what CP was able to do in the past and think he could have done much better than that recently. Something is wrong.

I happen to know that cash-strapped franchises can and DO remian competitive when well-managed. And I see just the opposite from the Penguins.

The question remains: why can't they get deals like the better franchises out there with similar problems? Thus my negative comments.

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