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Originally Posted by The Right Way View Post
1. Nash - Proven elite goal scorer for most of his career. Sick, sick hands. Great shot. Capable of physically dominating games. I think some fans are in denial of how good he is, since he was just aquired. Unless he lays a total egg in NY, he's the best player outside of Lundqvist.

2. Richards - Elite playmaker. Probably the most well rounded player on the team. He's more valuable than the point total indicates.

3. Gaborik - Good playmaker and shot, elite Speed and release. He won't dominate games but he's money with his chances. Makes the opportunities count.

4. Mcdonagh - Has been very impressive so far. Vision, awareness, positioning, speed, great passer. Not much more you can teach this kid. I don't think he has elite offensive capabilities and he's not physically intimidating... so he's not in the top 3.

5. Staal - One healthy season and he'll possibly be our most important D man again. Not as talented as McD, but he's shown he can be the total package. Physically imposing, great shutdown, good shot, can lead the odd rush. One concussion and people forget how valuable he was.

That said, nobody in this group is considered a favorite of mine. Lundqvist, Cally, and Girardi are favs. Lundqvist for his elite skill. Cally and Girardi for their heart.
Exactly what I would have posted. Thanks for saving me some time.

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