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07-27-2012, 12:55 AM
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Summer Olympics

You guys watching?

I probably will just b/c like watching the olympics in general (summer and winter) and i'm shut out of the cottage for the next few weeks (and Toronto is humid right now) - so hanging out inside with the aircon = acceptable activity.

irrespective of nationality, my fave sports to watch are swimming, gymnastics, rowing, and track. my fave single event is watching the mens 100m (track). i also find diving very entertaining.

re Canada - we have the best shot at winning the most medals in rowing (relative to other sports we compete in) - as well as several elsewhere (we're not particularly dominant in any one sport as much as we have one or two major contenders spread over a number of sports) - our official prediction is 22 medals...but we'll see!

I'm going to watch the opening ceremony tomorrow with friends - and try my best to avoid news sites early so it's all a surprise

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