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07-27-2012, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
And Carle possesses a great shot from the point? And he has vision to pass the opponent the puck on all those outlet passes from the zone right?

I challenge you to prove that Coburn can not break 30+ points this season with PP time.
Matt Carle - 38 points
-- 12 points on the PP
-- 2:38 seconds of PPTOI/game
-- 26 points at even strength
Braydon Coburn - 24 points
-- 0 points on the PP
-- 0:21 seconds of PPTOI/game
-- 24 points at even strength

Shows you just how useless Matt Carle really is. We were FORCED to under-utilize Coburn's game because we didn't have anyone else that could really play defense. Now we have Schenn and Grossmann. It's time to let Coburn play a full two-way game. No more underutilizing his skill-set.

I hope nobody argues by point by explaining that Carle has a much better shot from the point or is safer with the puck.
When did I say he can't hit 30? In fact, I believe I already alluded to the fact that he has.

Matt Carle has already hit 40+ points multiple times in his career. Coburn's closest is 36, and only hit that once. Carle faily consistently hits 35+. Everything else for Coburn has below 30. Matt Carle is turnover prone, but to think that he has no offensive creativity or vision is just being foolish. It's pretty evident he has holes in his game, but offensive passing is not one of them.

Nowhere did I say Carle had an overpowering shot or a penchance for mistake-free hockey - stop putting words into my mouth.

Coburn, from obvservation doesn't have the characteristics of what one would call an offensive catalyst. If you look back on his scouting reports when he was drafted, they say the same thing. You may not consider Carle a great defenseman, but he has certainly demonstrated, on multiple occasions, above average vision in the offensive zone.

I don't know why you're trying to argue with me when I'm making the same point you are.

Too much HF, I guess.

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