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07-27-2012, 05:22 AM
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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
My goal is to make it fun, and improve their skating and puck skills. And to have every one of them enroll in hockey the following year. If I succeed then hopefully wins will come, but most importantly, a smile on their faces when they walk in the door.

How should I discipline players ?

Also I don't want my players going wide and stuff like that, I want them to play beautiful hockey.
Tough to make blanket statements about a case-by-case type of thing.

Some things I've used are make the "offenders' run around the rink while we're on the ice practicing. Let them see what they're missing type of thing.

Mostly I've used the only carrot that a coach has, ice time. You screw around, you lose ice time. If the kid wants to play, that's really powerful messaging. If a kid is not that interested, well, those are the tough ones and sometimes it requires counsel with the parents and in extreme cases, the kid is off the team.

Short of those nutcracker guys, I ALWAYS leave the kids with a positive message. These kids will come with varied life experiences (divorce, illnesses, poor schoolwork etc.) and I want them enthused to come to the rink and have the best couple of hours of their week.

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