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07-27-2012, 07:09 AM
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The terms "locker room cancer" or "problem" get thrown around loosely in hockey circles. There's a set of templates people have in mind for how players should act, and they basically come down to "vocal leader", "lead by example" and "Chad LaRose funny guy". Players who don't fit one of those molds are usually perceived by outsiders as a vague "problem".

But in reality, there's a lot of diversity in every locker room. Some guys are just quiet and introverted, which is a HUGE difference from a prima donna or a ****-stirrer. You want a problem in the locker room, look for a guy like Sean Avery or Jaromir Jagr. Guys who can derail an entire season by sheer force of personality.

I'm sure Semin isn't Mr. Popular, but I don't perceive him as a cancer. He seems like the sort of guy who, if left alone, will just get on with it and play his role as best he knows how. There's no reason to think our team can't perform with someone like that. If they can't, that says something about the other personalities in the room and their ability to mesh with newcomers.

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