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07-27-2012, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Roo Mad Bro View Post
lol so Giroux gets interviewed by some random newspaper in Nowhere, Ontario and talks about the scars that he has on his wrists from his 2 surgeries...and that's "whining" to Pens fans.

****ing hilarious.

Can you imagine the outrage if Giroux was doing that to Crosby?

Their board would have had an aneurysm about how "dirty" the Flyers are.

Bandwagon jokes.
Some Devils fans were saying that too, although since I do post over there I'm sure most of them don't see it that way.

“Those are from (Sidney) Crosby,” he says half smiling, but with some tension in his voice. “Every time we'd line up against each other for a face-off during our (2012 playoff) series, instead of going for the puck when it was dropped, he'd hack me across the wrists. I ended up playing the series against (New) Jersey with one of them fractured and had to go for surgery on both of them after we were out of the playoffs.”
If you honestly switched Crosby and Giroux in this paragraph I wouldn't consider that whining from Crosby. It's 100% factual. "He hacked my wrist, so I played the rest of the season injured." I don't see any whining in there. No "But we would have won had he not hacked my wrist and I had to play injured."

Also, we're talking about a fractured wrist. Not a bump on the back while skating ot the bench. Knowing them, it's be like "Oh Giroux, you got a concussion. Quit *****ing. What's that, you got run over by the zamboni? Man up, baby."

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